About us


We are a creative social-enterprise passionate about art, society and our natural world

Social Ritual grew organically out of a desire to unleash the potential of people and places in our diverse city of Tāmaki Makaurau.

The world is rapidly changing. Locality and sense of place has been affected by the exponential rise of digital technology, human migration and urbanization. People are feeling isolated and craving real, tangible connection.

In response we have created Social Ritual to champion our wealth of cultural and creative potential. Creating dynamic and meaningful experiences for the people, by the people.

These shared experiences help support the positive evolution of communities and transform our connection with place and each other.

When places are well, people are well and vice versa

For the past 7+ years our dedicated team has been contributing towards the goal of making Tāmaki Makaurau the worlds most livable city.

We utilize professional methodologies, social-ecology, ritual-design and fine arts frameworks to strengthen social cohesion and environmental well-being.

We do this through public programming, placemaking, workshops, events, experience design, content-creation, public art, curation, community engagement and consultation.

We have a strong network of artists, thought-leaders, educators, designers, technical-experts, performers, communicators and project managers that can turn vision into reality.


Rituals are our superpower!


Ritual design-thinking informs our creative process ensuring values and meaning are imbued in our work. Collectively we need new social rituals to help cope with and respond to the evolving issues the world faces.

Well designed rituals survive the test of time, help strengthen positive habits and build healthy relationships. Powerful social rituals can intern snowball and transform communities.

Rituals can help people express themselves, understand the world, cope with uncertainty and find their purpose. Social Ritual uses the architecture of rituals to develop thoughtful designs that engage the community and offer a depth of meaning.

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