Explore your own creativity.

When it comes to art, there's Leonardo da Vinci, your four-year-old nephew and your own talent level — which probably slots somewhere between the two. Regardless of where you sit on the artistic expertise spectrum, Drawing Club is an event for everyone of all ages and abilities to join in creativity and self expression.

There will be live models for you to sketch, DJs playing tunes to set the mood and all art supplies will be provided. You just have to bring yourself and the willingness to show off your creative side.

The event will be hosted by Paris Kirby, a contemporary New Zealand artist who is known for her artwork which draws reference from both the natural world and the artificial. Paris has dedicated the past couple of years to art direction and focuses primarily on human form, using live models as subjects. Her art sessions facilitate the natural expression of those who attend and encourages those with untapped talent to break outside their comfort zones.

Drawing Club is going to be a fun event and great opportunity to explore your own creativity.